Clothing Alterations

Our clothing alterations service provides our clients with the peace of mind that their garment will not leave our studio until an exacting fit is achieved. We provide a professional and personal service to our clients.
We have two fitting rooms available at our shop.
Please Note: We now charge an express fee of £3.00 per item due sooner than 1 week and £5.00 for same day.



Button £2.00
Hook & Bar £4.00
Re hem 1x leg £4.00
Re hem 2x leg £8.00
Re stitch £8.00
Repair Holes £12.00
1/2 pocket £10.00
Permanent Creases £10.00
Shorten Plain £12.00
Lengthen Plain £12.00
Shorten Detail* £15.00 *turn ups, kick tape, lined, splits at hem
Lengthen adding fabric £15.00
Taper Legs £15.00
Shorten Zip hems £18.00
Take in Waist £15.00
Let Out Waist £15.00
Thigh Reduction £20.00
Saddle £18.00
Replace Zip £12.00


Re stitch £8.00
Shorten £12.00
Waist in £16.00
Taper £20.00

Dresses & Skirts

Button £2.00
Re hem £8.00
Repair Stitching £8.00
Repair Holes £12.00
Take in/Let Out 2 x Seams £16.00
Take in/Let Out 2 x Seams Complex £20.00
Take in/Let Out 2x Seams Boning £25.00
Take in Waist & hips £20.00
Shorten Unlined £14.00
Shorten Lined £17.00
Shorten Pleated £20.00
Shorten with Splits £17.00
Shorten Sleeved & Cuff £12.00
Shorten 2 Layer Chiffon £25.00
Shorten 3 Layer Chiffon £35.00
Re-elastic Waist £15.00


Button £2.00
Re stitch £8.00
Repair Holes £12.00
Shorten Hem Straight £12.00
Shorten Hem Curved £15.00
Shorten Hem Splits £15.00
Shorten Sleeves Plain £12.00
Shorten Sleeves Cuff £12.00
Shorten Sleeves Vent £15.00
2 x Darts £12.00
4 x Darts £18.00

Jackets & Coats

Button £3.00
Shorten Sleeves Unlined £12.00
Shorten Sleeves Lined £17.00
Lengthen Sleeves Lined £17.00
Shorten Sleeves Vent * £25.00 *may lose button holes
Lengthen Sleeves Vent * £28.00 *may lose button holes
Shoulder Reduction £25.00
Take in/Let Out 2 x Seams £22.00
Shorten Hem £32.00
Re stitch £12.00
Repair Holes £16.00


Trouser Zip £14.00
Skirt Zip £14.00
Dress Zip £22.00
Anorak Zip £1 per inch *20inch minimum

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning
We now take on all of your dry cleaning needs.
Our dry cleaners collect and drop off every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.


2 Piece Suit: From £9
Suit Jacket: From £6
Trousers: From £5.50
Coats (3/4): From £7.00
Skirts: From £5.50
Dresses: From £6.50
Shirts: From £4.75
Casual Coats: From £6.50
Coats (full length): From £8.50
Dry Cleaning your Wedding Dress
The most important thing to know when it comes to having your wedding dress cleaned is that the sooner you get it cleaned the better the results.
Cleaning your dress as soon after your big day as possible is important to stop any marks from permanently staining.
We also offer a Clean & Box service, for more information please contact us. 
Prices depend on size of dress, stains on dress & if you choose to have our Clean & Box service.
Feel free to drop in store for more advice & information.